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re: nonnet  Ananke  25 Apr 06 12:50PM Thread Closed

yes, the deadline has passed

i'll announce the winners on friday!

re: nonnet  unknown  29 Apr 06 8:36AM Thread Closed

Which Friday?

re: nonnet  borntodance  29 Apr 06 8:59AM Thread Closed

When this contest is wrapped up, I would like to initiate one of my own. The cash prizes will have to be modest, but I think they offer an entertaining incentive.
More soon,


re: nonnet  Ananke  29 Apr 06 9:00AM Thread Closed

yesterday. sorry. i'm still waiting for one of the judges.

re: nonnet  unknown  29 Apr 06 10:55AM Thread Closed

the last judge will get you his/her results asap, sorry

re: nonnet  unknown  29 Apr 06 11:43AM Thread Closed

results are in.

re: nonnet  unknown  1 May 06 7:38PM Thread Closed

Still a tardy judge?

re: nonnet  Ananke  1 May 06 9:41PM Thread Closed

i am so sorry. no, all results are in, i have not added them up yet as i went to an overnight demonstration this weekend.  also i am writing a paper up all night tonight, so if that gets done, then i will finally tally them!! sorry!!!!

re: nonnet  wendz  2 May 06 1:02AM Thread Closed

Ooh, do we get to see who wrote what? Because i am really curious as to who wrote some of them.

re: nonnet  wendz  2 May 06 1:07AM Thread Closed

And Grace, that sounds cool :)

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