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voltaire, candide  sparrow  14 Mar 06 1:30PM Thread Closed

Have any of you guys read voltaire's "candide"? Would you reccomend it? What's it abou? (style of writing, topic etc.)

re: voltaire, candide  unknown  14 Mar 06 2:09PM Thread Closed

c'est une conte philosophique ou peut etre un roman proprement diabolique¿

read it and reflect.


re: voltaire, candide  hank  14 Mar 06 5:52PM Thread Closed

its a tiny little book with a big bang. don't be afraid.

re: voltaire, candide  gnormal  14 Mar 06 9:18PM Thread Closed

hank gave it to me once.
it's so small the cliff notes are thicker.
go read it.
great ending.

re: voltaire, candide  unknown  14 Mar 06 9:41PM Thread Closed

apparently hank gave it to everyone at least once.


re: voltaire, candide  gnormal  14 Mar 06 9:55PM Thread Closed

best to get the shot right away.

re: voltaire, candide  root  14 Mar 06 10:26PM Thread Closed

save yourself some $:


re: voltaire, candide  SojT  14 Mar 06 11:23PM Thread Closed

it's wonderfull!!

re: voltaire, candide  bowiegirl  15 Mar 06 1:05PM Thread Closed

i lent  mother's copy to my english student once, she stole it that wench! i say read it twice... i would IF I HAD THE STINKING BOOK!

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