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Compelling Evidence  root  9 Mar 06 3:38PM Thread Closed


Check it out when you have time.

re: Compelling Evidence  Isabelle5  9 Mar 06 3:44PM Thread Closed

I can't believe anyone would doubt it.  The people who live in DC and New York and Pennsylvania had their eyes prove it happened.

re: Compelling Evidence  root  9 Mar 06 4:13PM Thread Closed

The video isn't saying 9/11 didn't happen.  It is explaining how and why it would be a government-rigged hoax.

re: Compelling Evidence  root  9 Mar 06 4:13PM Thread Closed

Michael Moore eat your obnoxious heart out.

re: Compelling Evidence  Isabelle5  9 Mar 06 4:18PM Thread Closed

You mean showing that Americans could have done it to Americans, on purpose?  Just to make a reason for the war?

That chills me deeply, just the idea that the citizens of this country could not trust the leaders.

Not that I trust everyone with everything, not at all!  But to kill us in that horrible manner is more than I can contemplate.

re: Compelling Evidence  noodleman  9 Mar 06 4:35PM Thread Closed

What chills me deeply is the fact that I cannot trust our leaders.

re: Compelling Evidence  bowiegirl  9 Mar 06 4:41PM Thread Closed

agreed noodleman... and there are libraries full of supporting evidence to prove we cant trust them. and ya wanna know why it aint mainstream folks? one word: media (is a business) .... well that's not the half of it. 'tis a strange and mystical world.

re: Compelling Evidence  unknown  9 Mar 06 4:42PM Thread Closed

It is mainstream in the rest of the world.

re: Compelling Evidence  root  9 Mar 06 4:58PM Thread Closed

> What chills me deeply is the fact that I cannot trust our leaders.


Only in corruption, arrogance, greed, ignorance and any other foul quality suited to those who believe they should be in a position of power.

Our founding fathers are doing triple axels in their graves.

re: Compelling Evidence  Meep  9 Mar 06 4:58PM Thread Closed

I read a really terrible poem about 9/11 once and had what can only be described as a knee-jerk reaction, never again.  Strangely enough I showed the highly rated poem to  a psychologist, poet and lawyer - they agreed that it was a very poor poem.

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