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Can anyone help?  opal  8 Feb 04 6:20PM Thread Closed

Does anyone know of or can anyone remember a poem on this site about some nurses in an emergency room, where some paramedics answer a call and crash into a group of Buddhist monks? I know this sounds very bizarre, but I do have a very good reason for asking,


re: Can anyone help?  unknown  8 Feb 04 7:00PM Thread Closed

LOL - I can't help you Opal but I really wish I had written one like that. Would it have been one of Kardiac's pieces?


re: Can anyone help?  gnormal  8 Feb 04 7:04PM Thread Closed

or one of JoeFrank's pieces!

re: Can anyone help?  unknown  8 Feb 04 7:14PM Thread Closed

I thought of Kardiac too Sam, but her work isn't here now - it had a really memorable line in about five bald monks wearing orange.

re: Can anyone help?  opal  8 Feb 04 7:19PM Thread Closed

Do you think he has a poem that fits the bill g - does he post here?

re: Can anyone help?  unknown  8 Feb 04 8:41PM Thread Closed

I don't think it was Kardiac's poem. I'll take a look tonight on a site she frequents to double-check. If it is the one, I'll provide a link.


re: Can anyone help?  unknown  9 Feb 04 1:10AM Thread Closed

Checked Rule 9 at EZBoard. Didn't see the poem.

However, it was worth the trip. She is talented beyond belief.


re: Can anyone help?  unknown  9 Feb 04 2:05AM Thread Closed

who is this kardiac i hear so much about?

re: Can anyone help?  unknown  9 Feb 04 12:38PM Thread Closed

Go to Rule9 and see poems by Heartstarter. Same person as Kardiac.

An incredible talent.

re: Can anyone help?  Minx  9 Feb 04 12:39PM Thread Closed


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