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POETRY CRITIQUES  philosophile  6 Nov 05 11:48AM Thread Closed


I am new here, please feel free to read my submissions, It would be great to read some criticisms, please!


re: POETRY CRITIQUES  FangzOfFire  6 Nov 05 3:43PM Thread Closed

Welcome to PC! You can get more critiques by commenting on other people's work than you will asking over the forum. =)

re: POETRY CRITIQUES  philosophile  6 Nov 05 4:34PM Thread Closed


re: POETRY CRITIQUES  bear  6 Nov 05 7:19PM Thread Closed

Welcome to PC!

re: POETRY CRITIQUES  shadowskiss  7 Nov 05 1:34AM Thread Closed

Welcome, as fangz said, the more you critique the more people will go off and critique your own work. And please, take it well, and ignore un thought out ones, if someone says something bad, and its thought out, they are only trying to help. :) I hope to see you around :)

re: POETRY CRITIQUES  unknown  7 Nov 05 7:16AM Thread Closed

... and remember to keep clicking  the 'random poem' link.  Some of my older stuff is really great. :)

have fun here and if, necessary ask Santa for a nice thick skin.


re: POETRY CRITIQUES  philosophile  7 Nov 05 8:28AM Thread Closed

Hello shadowkiss - just read your piece about the ledzeppelin hooded boyfriend.
Sorry, cant remember the name of it! but I wrote a long critique for it which I hope you will appreciate. I have to disagree with Fangzofire tho, the blatant music decription works well I think. I think its good to have a sudden dose of reality, like an anchor or beacon in amongst the landsape of the poem.  This is what its about!
Thank-you for in the welcome shdowkiss

re: POETRY CRITIQUES  unknown  7 Nov 05 9:10AM Thread Closed

What band were you in?

re: POETRY CRITIQUES  unknown  7 Nov 05 10:24AM Thread Closed

> What band were you in?

I was in Danny and the Deadheads ,who reached number 54 in the British charts in September 1973 with a choral and harmonium version of "Oh Lord I Lately Come To Thee",taken from THe Clergymen's classic album The Divine Light"

Boris Saul,the lead singer converted to the church in 1985 and is currently awaiting trial for molestation of old bibles.

Far out man

re: POETRY CRITIQUES  unknown  7 Nov 05 10:47AM Thread Closed

Okay? well done you.

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