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Growing Up - U.A. Fanthorpe

I wasn't good
At being a baby. Burrowed my way
Through the long yawn of infancy,
Masking by instinct how much I knew
Of the senior world, sabotaging
As far as I could, biding my time,
Biting my rattle, my mother (in private),
Shoplifting daintily into my pram.
Not a good baby,

I wasn't good
At being a child. I missed
The innocent age. Children,
Being childish, were beneath me.
Adults I despised or distrusted. They
Would label my every disclosure.
Precocious, naive, whatever it was.
I disdained definition, preferred to be surly.
Not a nice child,

I wasn't good
At adolescence. There was a dance,
A catchy rhythm; I was out of step.
My body capered, nudging me
With hairy, fleshy growths and monthly outbursts,
To join the party. I tried to annul
The future, pretended I knew it already,
Was caught bloody-thighed, a criminal
Guilty of puberty.
Not a nice girl,

(My hero, intransigent Emily,
Cauterized her own-dog-mauled
Arm with a poker,
Struggled to die on her feet,
Never told anyone anything.)

I wasn't good
At growing up. Never learned
The natives' art of life. Conversation
Disintegrated as I touched it,
So I played mute, worming along years,
Reciting the hard-learned arcane litany
Of cliche, my company passport.
Not a nice person,

The gift remains
Masonic, dark. But age affords
A vocation even for wallflowers.
Called to be connoisseur, I collect,
Admire, the effortless bravura
Of other people's lives, proper and comely,
Treading the measure, shopping, chaffing,
Quarrelling, drinking, not knowing
How right they are, or how, like well-oiled bolts
Swiftly and sweetly, they slot into the grooves
Their ancestors smoothed out along the grain.

re: what to post on this thread  unknown  20 Jun 05 6:40AM Thread Closed

billy collins- "taking off emily dickenson's clothes"
charles bukowski- "eulogy to a hell of a dame"

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