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re: fav pc poet[s]  Inuki  30 Mar 05 11:23PM Thread Closed

I definitely agree with everything said in reply to Sweetpain.

The Top Rated and such has nothing to do with who is really "good". For one thing, good is subjective, in other words it is all about opinion. You might be a terrible poet in my opinion, but a really good one in the opinion of someone else. It means nothing.

The Top Rated isn't even really about what it's supposed to theoretically be (ie: an accurate representation of the people on this site's average favourite pieces) because there's the problem of many people either not rating or having multiple accounts and rating multiple times. Plus, many people give 1s out unfairly (and sometimes 10s too) usually to knock people off the list, while others just rate a poem randomly to view who the author is and never fix the inaccurate rating.

Also, I agree that even someone famous isn't going to always be a "good" poet, or my favourite one. I know I hate many famous writers and poets, and many famous novels (Iris Murdoch's "The Black Prince", Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice", and Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird").

So this isn't a popularity contest- even the top rated isn't really one since it's so skewed (though sometimes it seems one).

People saying who they, in their opinion, find their favourite poets to be... are just that... their opinions.

I can't get mad at someone for not liking my poetry, just like no matter how many times you hit me you can't make me prefer the colour red over orange.

Sweetpain, I think you need to think more carefully about what you say and the ideas you form... it wouldn't be such a big problem if it was only your opinion that this is a popularity contest, but it is a problem because we all know the Top Rated is totally skewed, because famous people *can* be hated, and because it's not like anybody is picking out poets and going "HAHAHA YOU SUCK!" to someone. Even if someone DID do that, again, it would be only *their* opinion.

And we're entitled to our opinions, aren't we?

re: fav pc poet[s]  FangzOfFire  30 Mar 05 11:34PM Thread Closed

Well, gee, guys, shouldn't go out of your way to not let me enjoy my bloody time up here. =P

re: fav pc poet[s]  Inuki  30 Mar 05 11:51PM Thread Closed

Well, Fangz, I think it's human nature to feel good about yourself because of it. It's probably a bit of an ego boost, even if it's a subconcious one. ^_^

I get weird ego boosts from artificial things a lot.. ^.^;;

So do other people- and sometimes I don't buy into them. Like crowd mentality. I've never been able to go to a concert or any sports and scream and cheer. It always feels inappropriate- I have no attachment to the people performing, and I can't just get into the "mood" or the energy the crowd has going. I am awed at it, yes, but never able to join in...

And yet I see thousands of people who easily buy into that stuff.. but I just can't do it.

And my ego boosts tend to be weird little things, like going for sushi with a friend or getting a bubble tea, etc.

So I guess we all have our different "fixes" or "ego boosts" or however you like to call them.

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  31 Mar 05 2:25PM Thread Closed

I have to ask you, inuki...what is bubble tea? I've seen bubble tea cafes around here but never had the time or want to venture in.

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  31 Mar 05 4:40PM Thread Closed

bubble tea is a wonderful wonderful thing.

it is a cold drink that comes in various flavors-- what makes it different is the brown tapioca pearls at the bottom. you suck them up the straw as you drink. there isn't too much flavor in them-- they're sort of gelatinous-- but it adds a lot of texture and whatnot.

go drink some.


re: fav pc poet[s]  kaleidazcope  31 Mar 05 4:42PM Thread Closed

you couldn't really get a more wonderful wonderful name. bubble tea.

re: fav pc poet[s]  Inuki  31 Mar 05 4:45PM Thread Closed

I'd recommend checking out www.bubbletea.com for more information. It is also known as "Pearl Tea" in some places (like Thailand) instead of Bubble tea.. But it goes by both names here.

Oddly enough it still counts as pearl/bubble tea even if you get it without the pearls.. ^_^;; Or if you get it instead with coconut jelly / grass jelly / etc. etc.

Also there are different colours of tapioca pearls- I've had white ones once before ^^

re: fav pc poet[s]  kaleidazcope  31 Mar 05 4:57PM Thread Closed

see. now that is my kind of drink. lots of different names. and plenty of surprises.

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  31 Mar 05 4:59PM Thread Closed

pearls of wisdom at the bottom of my tea. I seer things happenin' here.

re: fav pc poet[s]  FangzOfFire  31 Mar 05 11:27PM Thread Closed

Yeah, since I'm one of "the losers", any ego gratification that comes is appreciated. (Sometimes my ego gratifies itself.)
Bubble tea sounds interesting--I'll check out the biggest local city, see what they got.

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