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re: fav pc poet[s]  FangzOfFire  28 Mar 05 10:14PM Thread Closed

No worries, Popedogg; no one's mentioned me either. I even don't like me too much. =P

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  28 Mar 05 10:22PM Thread Closed

*flicks Fangz in the head*
Honestly. I envy your talent. Not just "as a 14 year old", but as a writer. I cometimes wonder how much better I could be if I had started earlier. And had natural skill like you. So there. NER! ^_-

re: fav pc poet[s]  noodleman  28 Mar 05 10:23PM Thread Closed




happy now?

re: fav pc poet[s]  FangzOfFire  28 Mar 05 10:49PM Thread Closed

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
*throws up*

But honestly, I'm happy whether I'm anyone's favorite or not. Completely content as long as I can continue posting poetry here. =D No need for sarcastic compliments (NOODLEMAN) and thank you for the compliment, Wendz.

re: fav pc poet[s]  root  28 Mar 05 10:53PM Thread Closed

Wendz only likes my poetry because I wooed her.

If you woo her, maybe you'll get on her list too.

In fact, I think the short list of how to get on people's favorite poets list is:

1)  Woo them
2)  Bring them a dead animal
3)  Rub yourself against their leg

Wait... this is the wrong list

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  29 Mar 05 6:05AM Thread Closed

Pfft. I liked your poetry before you got your charm on. ^_-
Er. If someone rubbed themself on my leg. Er. Reflex would dictate that I kick them. Er. Unless they uh..paid me?! o_0'

re: fav pc poet[s]  FangzOfFire  29 Mar 05 7:24PM Thread Closed

I actually like that dead animal idea.
Roadkill for you, Wendz? =")

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  29 Mar 05 7:28PM Thread Closed

Woo me.  Bring me a dead animal, rub against my leg.  Don't rub the dead animal against my leg, though.

My cat brings me towels and yowls while she does it.  Doesn't woo me, though.

Somebody woo me, dang it!  

I have no favorites because you are all my babies, all my favorites.

ms fig leaf

re: fav pc poet[s]  FangzOfFire  29 Mar 05 7:47PM Thread Closed

Why, hello, Ms. Fig Leaf, (?) lovely day we're having. I brought you Possum Pudding. =D And Poodle Noodles for Wendz, and Deer Smear for Root.

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  29 Mar 05 10:41PM Thread Closed

I killed a Redback spider the other day, and feel like such a murderer. then my friend squashed it into the road. anyone want that? Fangz?? ^_^

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