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re: fav pc poet[s]  Rixes  27 Mar 05 10:01AM Thread Closed

oh, above was me.

add kal to that too.

re: fav pc poet[s]  kaleidazcope  27 Mar 05 12:32PM Thread Closed

kaleidazcope is my favourite poet

this poem by her changed my life.

i am not kaleidazcope voting for kaleidazcope

never believe your eyes.

instead ... watch this space

re: fav pc poet[s]  ShelbyS  27 Mar 05 12:37PM Thread Closed

I watch all of space from my giant mechanical tripod in the sky.

re: fav pc poet[s]  ShelbyS  27 Mar 05 12:38PM Thread Closed

my favorite poets are Alabaster Chrispy and gnormal, by the way.

re: fav pc poet[s]  kaleidazcope  27 Mar 05 12:46PM Thread Closed


re: fav pc poet[s]  FangzOfFire  27 Mar 05 3:02PM Thread Closed

I like Wendz, Aforbing, some of Kal's, some of Root's, Zep, and Resonanz. I know, for a fact, I am accidentally leaving people out.

re: fav pc poet[s]  Charlie  27 Mar 05 6:24PM Thread Closed

My Favorites Are....

1. Ananke
2. noodleman
3. Arienette
4. Rupert
5. Inuki

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  27 Mar 05 7:29PM Thread Closed

*Walks away from the pc group with head hung low*.  "I know my writing needs
muiltiple improvement. There got to be atleast one person that really likes one of my writings. Oh well, even if someone did, they wouldnt say. Every body would
make fun of em. Not many more rocks that can be kicked around out here. I'll soon twitch, or some odd noise will awake me and I'll be in front of my computer screen with a kink in my neck and  a slight dribble of drool ready to continue its journey to the end of my chin. when I do, I will then let pc know Gnormal,  charlie, finewine32 each have a poem that I like as a favorite. I wonder if I can choose
myself as my favorite poet? My poem Eternal city is my fave but I do have another that is   THE SHIT.       lol.........

This is my favorite site! does that count for anything?     $+)

re: fav pc poet[s]  gnormal  28 Mar 05 3:33AM Thread Closed

i think it would be more fun to successfully find work to enjoy, if everyone could store fav poets as well as, or even rather than, fav poems.
you can see how it works at http://www.fotolog.net/glen/
if you like my photos, youll often like the photographers i like
and quickly find your own favorites, just for pleasure.

as for one of my favorites, id like to bump http://poetry.tetto.org/~tristesse/book/

re: fav pc poet[s]  Isabelle5  28 Mar 05 11:08AM Thread Closed

Can't do it.  I like everyone here and favorites change day to day based on what I read.  I don't even have an un-favorite.

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