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re: fav pc poet[s]  root  26 Mar 05 5:42PM Thread Closed

I agree its what the favorites menu is for.

Although if you look at mine, it is still being update since people finally figured out how to access my profile.

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  26 Mar 05 5:51PM Thread Closed

> doesn't this all seem a little shallow? I mean we all already know
> whos good or bad on this site its clearly stated on the two lists to
> your right. And we all know who favours who. So lets keep this opnion
> too ourselves or on our favourite poem's list and not waste our time
> in this pointless thread and waste it on critiquing the poems. -
> SweetPain -

doesn't seem shallow to me. it isn't shallow if i asked who's your favorite poet or writer and someone telling me hawthorne or poe. so why should this be any different?

i think poets have a disorder. they're always looking ot analyze something that just doesn't need analysis. enjoy the simplicities of life people.

re: fav pc poet[s]  root  26 Mar 05 6:00PM Thread Closed

I agree with that too.

Thanks, wendz for saying you like my poetry.  It helps me write when I feel crappy.  I like your writing too, but I'm mad at you for deleting all of your old pieces, you dork.

My favorite is gnormal.  I could rant for pages about how awesome his poems are, but I won't because people might hold it against him as a poet because of my comments.  See 'disorder' in above comment.

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  26 Mar 05 6:42PM Thread Closed

for versatility, ingenuity, depth, and often sheer brilliance, not to mention wonderful crits and a backbone of steel, i have to go with kaleidazscope.

close behind: wendz.root.housepoppy.rixes.gnormal.hank.inuki.bloodfetish.picturesrhung.william.sweetpain.isabelle5.sam.dandy.onklchrispy.katinachoo.caducas.mouldjesus.inmyblood.claudia.elegantwaste.aimee.ananke.omega.tragicbubble.zeppelin.quichemarieandimsureimissedsomeonefuck.


re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  26 Mar 05 6:43PM Thread Closed

i am so sorry i did that. i had no idea i needed to break that line. 0_o

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  26 Mar 05 6:45PM Thread Closed

forgot charlie!

re: fav pc poet[s]  claudia  26 Mar 05 10:07PM Thread Closed

larrylark, noodleman, rixes, wendz, zep, onkel, kaleidazcope, root, mikkirat,

and I know there are more whom I'm forgetting.

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  26 Mar 05 10:09PM Thread Closed


re: fav pc poet[s]  Odin  27 Mar 05 12:53AM Thread Closed

hard one this. couple of favs:


tell me, how do a access the favourites menu in my profile, i can't see the option there?

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  27 Mar 05 10:00AM Thread Closed


My favs are:
I'm beginning to like a lot of Bloodfetish's stuff
and AEOS/Mould_Jesus

I'm sure I've forgotten someone.

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