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re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  2 Apr 05 4:24AM Thread Closed

youthculture is a newie I've liked recently, the easy to read type poems really do it for me. I also love hank and larrylark's stuff. Their comments are damn cool too, though. I can sometimes see the both of them dripping with venom. Oh, I really like InMyBlood too. His old stuff, anyway. :)

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  2 Apr 05 1:00PM Thread Closed

> Rob sucks George Bush's tiny little baby-cock.

Cute, very cute.

Fuck you.

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  2 Apr 05 1:15PM Thread Closed


So much anger on the left.

What's wrong, left-wing whack jobs? Lose an election or two?

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  2 Apr 05 1:16PM Thread Closed

Zepp writes great stuff and should be considered one of the top five poets here.

re: fav pc poet[s]  Charlie  2 Apr 05 3:40PM Thread Closed

I forgot to mention that I really love onkl.

"Winnipeg" is not only one of my favorite poems on this site, but also one of my favorite poems of all time. :)

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  2 Apr 05 10:39PM Thread Closed

When you consider the sort of people on the left and right fields, I think I'll take my chances with left. If it came down to rescuing Vonnegut or Britney, I think I'd rather be stuck on a spaceship with Kurt.

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  2 Apr 05 10:44PM Thread Closed

Rob dry humps pictures of KKKarl Rove's naked pimply ass and then jerks off into his own mouth.

re: fav pc poet[s]  root  2 Apr 05 10:52PM Thread Closed

Just the fact that you conceived that image is disgusting.

Get over your hate-fueled ego trips, peabrain.

re: fav pc poet[s]  Rixes  2 Apr 05 11:03PM Thread Closed

> http://poetry.tetto.org/~root%20/
> Accessible if you put a space after my name, or know Linux foibles as
> noodleman pointed out a while ago.
> But, yes, a bitch nonetheless.  I could ask rafter to change my name,
> but I like the nick too much.  Nothing says it like root for me.

Interesting. I used this way: http://poetry.tetto.org//~root

re: fav pc poet[s]  unknown  3 Apr 05 3:59AM Thread Closed

Smart Rixes. i didn't know the double slash worked.

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