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what is a Rasüur  Inuki  7 Sep 04 12:02AM Thread Closed

Am I the only one who doesn't know what this is?
What is this Rasüur-thing?


re: what is a Rasüur  wendz  7 Sep 04 12:23AM Thread Closed

It looks weird..

re: what is a Rasüur  dandy  7 Sep 04 12:27AM Thread Closed

I've never heard of such a form, myself. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There don't seem to be a whole lot of similiarities between "Beloved Caoutchouc (an Rasüur)" & "Orchidaceous Euphuism of Tatterdemalion (an Rasüur)", except length. The stanzas are of different lengths and there's no stable meter, insofar as I see. However, in another language than English (which I assume, if it's real, a Rasüur would have originated from), there might be some kind of structural similarity.

I think it's more likely that the person posting them is trying to be clever by making up forms and words, then trying to pass them off as ancient "elite" styles. And probably mocking the glut of poems subtitled "French Poetry".

There is a forum post ("Coming Soon") in which Ersaph informs us of plans to create a new poetry movement with Struct. Possibly something to do with it...

But most likely, someone striving for cleverness. And not really succeeding, in my opinion.

re: what is a Rasüur  KualaCIV  7 Sep 04 12:32AM Thread Closed

As a scholar of Rasüur and other ancient Malaysian writings, I was absolutely stunned to see the upcropping of Rasüur! I present before you some of my research on the Rasüur:

Rasüur, or in the Malay tongue, Bercakap-cabaran (b’eh-cha-cup kah-b’eh-run) are a 7-line poem that, as a form of poetry is older than haiku and tanka. Like the Japanese tanka, Rasüur evoke a moment or mark an occasion with concision and musicality.

When writing Rasüur, one is to choose the most aesthetically pleasing paper, ink and symbolic attachment, such as a branch or a flower to go with it.

In Malay, [Behasa Malaysia (b’eh-hah-sah myr-lay-see-ah) an Austronesian language spoken by the Malay people native to the peninsula], Rasüur is often written as one straight line. In the English, and other, languages, it has been thought better to divide the poem into seven lines.

Rasüur are thought to have originated and developed from an early spoken-form of song by the Duetro-Malays, who replaced the Proto-Malays. This occurred before the Indians arrived in Malaysia before 140 AD, and introduced Buddhism and Hinduism to the peninsula. It is estimated that this poetry was first inspired based off the ancient spoke-song of the Deutro-Malays around the year 520 AD.

Rasüur were traditionally written about a tenacious, elastic, gummy substance obtained from the milky sap of several tropical plants in the Americas, Asia and Africa. It was first introduced to the Malaysians by the Indians, when they arrived on the peninsula. As it is often known in the modern language, "India Rubber" or "Caoutchouc" (cow-sheik) was usually the subject of Rasüur.

In contemporary English, a typical Rasüur consist of 7 lines, and is written about an eraser (or something of eraser-like substance), which is impermeable to liquids and gases, and not readily affected by exposure to air, acids and alkalis.

Rules which govern the strict form of the Rasüur are as follows:

· It must incorporate elements of either India or Malaysia, and refer to at least one of the countries and/or their national associations.
· Any English used must be the King’s British, as both India and Malaysia were once colonized by Britain. Other languages must have appropriate syntactical correctness.
· The length of the Rasuur must be confined to the seven line parameter.
· It must be written about erasers, however vague the descriptions may be.
· The poem may be an extended metaphor, or a metaphysical description.

re: what is a Rasüur  wendz  7 Sep 04 12:35AM Thread Closed

I read both of them, and they are extremely confusing. It doesn't help that I can barely see a thing unless my face is right in front of the screen. Hmm. I swear "Caoutchouc" sounds very familiar, almost like a native Indian word.

re: what is a Rasüur  dandy  7 Sep 04 12:41AM Thread Closed

It's a French word for rubber.

Hm. I'm not entirely certain I believe KualaCIV on this subject... there's entirely too many people playing silly games on this site to take that for granted.

re: what is a Rasüur  wendz  7 Sep 04 12:46AM Thread Closed

I've never heard of Rasuur. Heh. From Indian to French..damn.

re: what is a Rasüur  dandy  7 Sep 04 12:50AM Thread Closed

Well, it's French, but originates from Spanish-corrupted south american roots. So pretty good, actually :)

re: what is a Rasüur  wendz  7 Sep 04 12:57AM Thread Closed

*laughs* Hehe..score! I googled "Rasuur", and came up with all these different languages, but couldn't find the translation of it. It occurred in the same language as Afrikaans and Dutch, I'm assuming. It was capitalised there as well, so I'm not sure if that is of any significance.

re: what is a Rasüur  unknown  7 Sep 04 1:03AM Thread Closed

Rasuur are extremely difficult to write successfully. It is a little known form, and is very seldom mastered. This is partly because of the social constraints posed upon the poets, and also because of the high cost of learning the art of Rasuur.

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