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... But is it poetry?  Inuki  1 Sep 04 6:49AM Thread Closed


Shel Silverstein is one peculiar poet. I had only read his Children's Poetry before now-... until I accidentally stumbled upon this tonight.

I mean, it's very well written, and I think it has a lot of merit, despite the ridiculous, EXCESSIVE profanity...

So what do we say? Is this poetry? Is this just a mockery of a piece of literature, and silliness? It's definitely satire- but is it poetry, is the question I'm posing...

Is Silverstein a mature poet, or an immature one for resorting to this kind of technique?...

I think sometimes it's hard to clearly identify or categorize certain pieces, you guys know what I mean? I read a lot of strange things on this site, for instance, that often seem more like prose than poetry... or are questionable as to whether they're actually poetry or not...

re: ... But is it poetry?  unknown  3 Sep 04 4:23PM Thread Closed

If you want to understand Mr. Silverstein's poetry, you must first look at what kind of man he is, and to what the works are aimed at.  Kids do not remember much alegory, or at least understand it, though not to say they aren't sponges.  I think the author wanted to put together a group of very honest pieces that speak to children.  When a mother or father reads these to their children, or even if they read it themselves, it immediately becomes a little more personal and endearing.  Shel must just be an honest, simple, and caring man.  Because let's face it....all of us aren't necessarily great poetry critics from birth.

re: ... But is it poetry?  unknown  3 Sep 04 4:50PM Thread Closed

okay forget the last comment....I didn't see the first part. But now I've read this thing that he wrote.....
I thought it was right down Shel's alley.  What an incredible thing to do to be able to take Shakespeare, and create something that the obvious majority reader of Playboy will understand, and perhaps even enjoy.  Have you ever read a Playboy?  Most of the humour is just like that.  I can almost relate to this language too, not on a personal level but more on a second-hand kind of way, working in construction for a while now.  This is exactly Shel's style of poetry.  Who are you to ju\dge what is poetry or not?

re: ... But is it poetry?  watashi  3 Sep 04 6:12PM Thread Closed

My father used to read me shel silverstein when I was younger.  (not this one, the kid-appropriate ones...)

His kid-appropriate poems are much better, I think.  That's just my opinion, though.  He is a poet, since he does have tons of other stuff that he wrote, not only this.  And he is mature... His use of words and rhymes are quite clever, and come only with experience.

there's my two cents... (or is it only a penny.......?)


re: ... But is it poetry?  OKcomputer  3 Sep 04 11:46PM Thread Closed

The excessive profanity was necessary--after all, it IS Hamlet, as told on the street.

Poem, yes. Clever, sure. Beautiful, no.

re: ... But is it poetry?  peanut  4 Sep 04 10:17PM Thread Closed

I think that this is poetry. I don't see why it wouldn't be.

This is exactly Shel Silverstein's tecnique. This is his rhyming style and satirical writing. The profanity is a nice touch and I found this poem very entertaining. In fact, I thought it was excellent. A little imature but there's nothing wrong with that.

I'd like to know what you think about this poem, Inuki. do you think it's a poem? I don't see why it wouldn't be. It has nothing to do with poems that are more like prose. it is what it is: a poem for playboy

re: ... But is it poetry?  unknown  5 Sep 04 3:50PM Thread Closed

hmmmm.....do you think rap is a bit like poetry?

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