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The greatest RPG ever?  ApGwLnOsA  21 Feb 07 2:01AM Thread Closed

Is it possible that FFXII is the best in the series yet?  Although many people would say, "Oh, no, it's FFVI or FFVII" or some other title, I beg to differ.  I think that this is one of the most mature and heart stringing stories that has been written yet, and almost everything is perfect.  The music is definitely subpar without Uematsu, but... it fits, which  is just fine with me.  Thoughts, opinions, and insults?

re: The greatest RPG ever?  unknown  21 Feb 07 2:03AM Thread Closed


re: The greatest RPG ever?  unknown  21 Feb 07 12:24PM Thread Closed

RPG  = Rocket Propelled Grenade?

re: The greatest RPG ever?  TheHarlequin  21 Feb 07 3:36PM Thread Closed

hands down, Legend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time

re: The greatest RPG ever?  bologna  21 Feb 07 3:42PM Thread Closed

majora's mask was better.

star wars knights of the old republic.

re: The greatest RPG ever?  unknown  21 Feb 07 7:20PM Thread Closed

Thomas the tank engine, even if i do have some issues wth the fat controller.

re: The greatest RPG ever?  Inuki  22 Feb 07 5:51AM Thread Closed

Haven't played it yet.

I liked Koudelka/Shadow Hearts 1 best, actually. They had really great plots. Koudelka had the best English voice-acting I've ever seen- so good that the Japanese recalled the Japanese version and rereleased it all with English voice-acting and Japanese subtitles. Pity Koudelka's gaming system is kind of awful. Great script & atmosphere though.

Shadow Hearts 1 continued the beautiful atmosphere and had some great characters and scripts- it was able to get very emotional at points, but it knew when not to take itself too seriously.

My problem with square-enix (squaresoft, really) is it takes itself WAY too seriously. FFX and Shadow Hearts 1 came out around the same time- as a result everyone paid attention to FFX, pity, because FFX's plotline is pretty trite and the characters were mostly uninteresting. Visually, it was captivating, but that's to be expected with Squaresoft.

My favourite FF so far has to be FF9. Characters like Quina, Freya, and Vivi truly made the game worthwhile. As for the graphics, for PS1 they're truly outstanding. Gameplay was pretty good.

I've played 1, 3, 7, 8, 9 and 10, and I just bought 6. I was bored with 1 and 3, found 7 slow and too focused on stupid cyber-punk sci-fi conspiracy theory plots, found FF8 to be a big ripoff of FF7, the only worthwhile or interesting character in FF8 was Zell, and I found all the main characters, and most of the minor characters in 10 to be annoying. Tidus pisses me off, Yuna is only just bearable compared to some of the females in FF7, Kihmari is boring, Rikku is ok but gets annoying after a while, Wakka could've been redone in a much better way, and Auron who everyone loves I found dull and really annoying- he seemed like a big plot-device for the whole thing. "Oh hey, let's give a cut-scene to Tidus' father and use Auron for it!" basically. The ending was not well laid-out.

FFX-2 is a disgusting shame of a game.

Kingdom Hearts is fun, but I don't know if it technically qualifies for RPG status because of the game-play style- plus it never gets those truly serious moments the way the other RPGs sometimes do because, well because it's intended for all ages, I guess.

re: The greatest RPG ever?  unknown  22 Feb 07 8:33AM Thread Closed

I liked Nuk'em (an old game yes).

I would like a new game:

Small Nukes: Be the first to nuke individual terrorists. Object of game - rid the world of terrorists before the level of radiation rids the world.

re: The greatest RPG ever?  SandsofEss  27 Feb 07 1:01PM Thread Closed

Massive FF fan, played 4 through 10 and hopefully will play 1 - 3 someday. I have to say, and I appreciate I'm going with the flow perhaps somewhat, but FFVII was by far my favourite. Saying that, it was the first one I played, and the first is always special. Oh, but the music : ) : )

re: The greatest RPG ever?  ShelbyS  2 Mar 07 3:58PM Thread Closed

Chrono Trigger hands down

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