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new  cheerchick  7 Feb 07 11:07AM Post Reply

Hi, yes i am new to this. i only have 4 or 5 pomes on and im doing good i really hope that i can meat new friends hear. and i wont to thank you how are giving me a chance to do this well good bye.  :)

re: new  unknown  7 Feb 07 11:17AM Post Reply

Hi , i'm a pork chop , how ya doing ?

re: new  cheerchick  7 Feb 07 3:41PM Post Reply

hi nice to know.

re: new  unknown  7 Feb 07 8:28PM Post Reply

u rite gud cheerchick

re: new  unknown  7 Feb 07 8:36PM Post Reply

you guys - it is bologna trying to point out all the stupid mistakes that all these young poets make because they are lazy and only want praise and not comment.

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