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LINCOLN DYING  netskyIam  7 Feb 07 12:45AM Post Reply

While looking through my junk boxes I found this old (original) newspaper.
It makes the past seem alive again.

Consider writing a poem as an exercise; a poem made as if you were a witness to that time or to that crime.  As if you were a person of the nineteenth century.
Try to keep your poem "in character" to the era's mores?

Post it here--long or short.

This is an informal challenge thread.

If you'd like to see any other sections of this paper, just ask, and I will imageshack your requests.   No comics, no sports...

fragment of the latest news, just in... (so to speak)

re: LINCOLN DYING  unknown  7 Feb 07 2:27AM Post Reply

My Starshp Sailing Machine of 2510

As it were told within the time-glide belt,
wasting away on machine meth,

My parts all humming as if it were 2310.
Cleverly my heart pumps via its
shiny odin-inuki hooded man-made recipe.

I'll hit 1000 in 3290,
not a day over 25, all the changlings will say.
Vying for my attention, will it be Deb or Henry?

Flying my starship pas Jupiter and Uranus,
that joke will never grow old I fear.
How I love commanding a crew of machines,

Ramher is an amusing first-mate,
especially when I'm horny and can't wait.
Sailing my starship across time and space.

re: LINCOLN DYING  netskyIam  7 Feb 07 10:33AM Post Reply

That's it.  That's it!.

I'm sending the Lincoln newspaper to this artist, a custom commission.
Poetry dumb dumbs!

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