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tetto cached  OKcomputer  5 Feb 07 3:16PM Post Reply

http://web.archive.org/web/20020328030850/http://poetry.tetto.org /

re: tetto cached  Isabelle5  5 Feb 07 3:18PM Post Reply

Poem for Broken Bottles, is that the only one there?  I don't have time to look all around it, what else is there, OKC?

re: tetto cached  OKcomputer  5 Feb 07 3:24PM Post Reply

it's the old pc. i didn't look around much either, i just thought it was really awesome. 'coffee house.'

i used this website: http://web.archive.org/

re: tetto cached  sadie  5 Feb 07 3:25PM Post Reply

rainy day woman

re: tetto cached  sadie  5 Feb 07 3:26PM Post Reply

a lot of stuff is there but if you keep clicking the links you eventually get to not very old/archived stuff

it is neat though

re: tetto cached  unknown  5 Feb 07 4:06PM Post Reply


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