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re: The pitfalls of the critique  unknown  3 Feb 07 6:03PM Post Reply

> > I take serious issue with poets giving other poets specific change
> > suggestings such as change "yellow" to "red", or in some cases
> > re-writing the poem entirely.  What is poetry if not a conversation
> > between poets? In conversation you elicit more info from the other,
> > you do not interject and say "No, you should say it this way."  It
> > should be a drawing out of a poet's intentions, helping them get to
> > their personal truths.
> One of the wisest posts in a long time - critics who rewrite the poems
> of others are not offering constructive criticism, but indulging in
> control freakery - the point of the poem lies within the poet's
> writing and it is the job of a 'critic' to help a fellow poet
> achieve that - poetry critical should not be read as a euphemim for
> poetry let's destroy the bastards.
> Thanks mult209 - let's hope the first step to a more constructive
> dialogue here.      

a critic who re-writes the poem is not doing it necessarily for control, but as a way of pointing out what could be deleted/added to make it better. we can't chat with one another to give good critiques so we need to rely on written words; re-writing is a way of saying, "see what I mean by possibly doing it this way?"
the poet still has the right to accept or deny any critiques given to him/her.

re: The pitfalls of the critique  opal  3 Feb 07 6:11PM Post Reply

point taken, but I would never rewrite someone's poem - i might  offer an alternative rhythm or syntax, but the poet has chosen those words as his or her own - it's completely wrong to my mind to rewrite a poem n your own image.

re: The pitfalls of the critique  unknown  3 Feb 07 6:14PM Post Reply

I saw his barge a sailing by
a sailing by, a sailing by
I saw his barge a sailing
a down the river Tyne.

What wishes, did my heart imply,
my heart imply, my heart imply.
What wishes did my heart imply
that blessed barge was mine.

For we’ll make the keel row,
the keel row -the keel row.
with all the coals it carry o
a carry o, a carry o.
With all the coals it carry o
a carry o, so fine.

For there goes my lover o
my lover o, my lover o.
But I have another o
a sailing up the Tyne.

re: The pitfalls of the critique  unknown  3 Feb 07 6:18PM Post Reply

Personal truths have little to do with most poetry,

SAY WHAT??????


re: The pitfalls of the critique  opal  3 Feb 07 6:19PM Post Reply

That is beautiful - how long has it remained in its original form? and how could anyone rewrite and improve it? A perfect example of the spoken versifier's tradition.

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