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re: Barack Obama '08  unknown  3 Feb 07 5:35PM Post Reply

> elect osama bin laden, at least then we would have to wonder if obama
> had ties to him

what a f'ing fool.

re: Barack Obama '08  unknown  3 Feb 07 6:13PM Post Reply

obama aint got a chance

i work with 26 people in an office
4 white gals
1 white guy
3 black guys (one a citizen but born and raised in africa)
the rest are black gals

4 white gals are conservative
1 white guy is conservative
1 black guy is conservative

the rest are liberal

the conservatives all voted last election

only one of the liberals - a woman - voted last election

none of them except me votes in local elections (I am conservative)

none of the black gals like Obama
they all adore Hilary - trouble is they don't vote.

As proof of my stats - all of us except two live in Cynthia McKinney's
old district.

re: Barack Obama '08  unknown  3 Feb 07 6:21PM Post Reply

she would have been elected if her liberal followers voted.

re: Barack Obama '08  unknown  3 Feb 07 6:24PM Post Reply

> I think it will be him or Hillary.  First of something if either wins.
> This should be a very interesting two years of politics, if nothing
> else.

really isabelle?
the what didn't ms dukakis win?

re: Barack Obama '08  unknown  4 Feb 07 3:53AM Post Reply

Pat Paulson for Pres

re: Barack Obama '08  unknown  4 Feb 07 5:44PM Post Reply

I can understand why Pat Paulson didnt win - he wasn't the first comedian to run...

re: Barack Obama '08  Isabelle5  5 Feb 07 1:59PM Post Reply

I object to that opinion about women in general.  There are many aspects to both sexes and I find no reason to assume a woman cannot be as good (or bad) as a man as a leader.  There have been many great female leaders in the world.  Open your eyes and look beyond what you've been taught.  Most women are leaders - it's called being a mother and wife!  Believe me, those jobs take just as much subtle strategy and tact as running a county does.  It's great training.

Hillary would be a good president but I would be worried that perhaps she is too liberal.

re: Barack Obama '08  unknown  5 Feb 07 2:05PM Post Reply

i don't care who your president is
              will be...
not everyone on this website is from the usa.

re: Barack Obama '08  Isabelle5  5 Feb 07 2:16PM Post Reply

But I bet you'll bitch, Unknown, about it if we don't elect someone the rest of the world wants us to have in office.

re: Barack Obama '08  jerotich  5 Feb 07 2:44PM Post Reply

Obama, really?  I'm an American living in Kenya, and the people are quite excited and proud of him here.  I wasn't sure how seriously they were actually taking him in the US.  Could be an interesting campaign to watch from afar.

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