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I'm new here  Poetry_Lady  2 Feb 07 9:59AM Post Reply

Hello everyone. I am a new poet here and I ask that you all bear with me because alot of this poetry is very new to me. I usually read spiritual poems, and am not used to alot of the poetry here. I've only read three poems, and I'm already very pleased with what I've read.

re: I'm new here  Esoteric  2 Feb 07 10:02AM Post Reply

read, comment, critique, hate, argue, delete, discuss, ignore, etc - thats what its all about in the end here.

oh, and welcome.

re: I'm new here  chuckles  2 Feb 07 10:03AM Post Reply

stay away from the message board.
it's inhabited by negativity, spitefulness, and


re: I'm new here  Poetry_Lady  2 Feb 07 10:07AM Post Reply

So you must have read my poem? I know it's not spiritual but it was a topic I was told to write about, so I did.

re: I'm new here  unknown  2 Feb 07 10:08AM Post Reply

This is Ruth, I'm just seeing if it works to comment anonymously. Which it does. Do people use this feature alot?

re: I'm new here  Esoteric  2 Feb 07 10:10AM Post Reply

only if you want to be a complete bastard to someone, thats when people tend to hide behind the unknown feature. or if you have something to say and you don't want others to know it was you. self explnatory if i say so myself.

then there are the other unknowns who jsut dont like their poetry being associated with them.

re: I'm new here  sailingpoet  2 Feb 07 10:11AM Post Reply

i agree with "chuckles"

I also am into spiritual poems,

again stay away from the message board.

Full of "something" here.

I thank you


re: I'm new here , no you have been here a while  unknown  2 Feb 07 10:15AM Post Reply

corn , give me a strength..................

re: I'm new here , no just my corn is new  chuckles  2 Feb 07 10:19AM Post Reply

it used to be asparagus

but that isn't a popular

subject for a poem.

re: I'm new here , no just my corn is new  Esoteric  2 Feb 07 10:21AM Post Reply

there's a poem in the recent best called 'my poo' - how about that for a diverse subject for a poem. clearly a popular one though. strange.

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