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re: Coca Cola Daddy  unknown  2 Feb 07 2:12PM Post Reply

sweat pants don't have belt loops.

re: Coca Cola Daddy  nightengale  2 Feb 07 2:20PM Post Reply

I don't even own a pair of sweat pants though.

By the way, I redid the introduction. It's a tad bit better now. meh....what kind of music is played in the commercial? It sounds oldish...

re: Coca Cola Daddy  unknown  2 Feb 07 2:23PM Post Reply

oldish but goodish?

re: Coca Cola Daddy  nightengale  2 Feb 07 2:29PM Post Reply

lol. yes. oldish but goodish. It reminds me of some cheesy sixties or seventies song (I don't have "ies" straight- that's how young I am). But it's humorous and likeable. I'm just trying to find a way to say that without sounding like a totally blabbering idiot (forget if I really am or not- I'm just trying not to sound like one).

I'm not really into the whole commercial analysis thing. I like analyizing people's articles. I'm way better at that because all I have to focus on is the words and how they are presented.

re: Coca Cola Daddy  unknown  2 Feb 07 2:30PM Post Reply

probably the sound of a corporate executive rimming the devil

re: Coca Cola Daddy  nightengale  2 Feb 07 2:33PM Post Reply

hmm...possibly. but I can't put that in my paper. it would be interesting to see my professor's face though...hehe...

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