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re: i'm a genius  bettalpha  31 Jan 07 3:55AM Post Reply

yes i am a real guiness

re: i'm a genius  bettalpha  31 Jan 07 4:00AM Post Reply

lick my shamrock wear it as a moustache

re: i'm a genius  mikebauer  31 Jan 07 4:53AM Post Reply

jerry reed. you know him, do you? you've seen the history of his posts and approve of them. and feel that he innocently responded to my poems, and in his innocence, said hateful things, how i should take them off... thinking, like the mutton that he is, that everyone will agree with him; ignorant of the wording of the poetry critical notice that there would be some things here that might seem unpleasant, but that people shouldn't stay if they were going to be offended by them. the wording says that. people like jerry reed are innocent only to the degree that they aren't educated and experinced... not that they're somehow purer than me. and you're saying what, and from what knowledge? someone told you, you heard about... you know that.... all the children's games that frightened people take with them into adulthood because they live in a box inside a pit in the back of a cave.

you're an unknown. i don't even know if you really believe what you're saying.

> Leave jerryreed, and all the other innocent people you mess with,
> alone. If you would behave, people would leave you alone. Because of
> your behavior, you deserve all harm that comes your way.

re: i'm a genius  mikebauer  31 Jan 07 4:56AM Post Reply

the wording is funny: "no one is..." the catagorical call to sheep to bleet in time to the "everyone knows". this is a salesman trying to sell a product on commission that he hasn't contracted for: he's selling air and his wording falls apart: look how he's re-saying the same thing. for sure, linear people aren't that conscious.

> > perhaps part of the problem lies in the fact that you are seeing
> > things, hearing things in those other writers' words that they
> > themselves didn't notice. or that sometimes, the ignorant ones
> (read
> > rude) are actually feeling pretty popular because they've handed
> out
> > intelligent-sounding critiques in the past, but now are intimidated
> by
> > your very unique (to this site) perspective, and are unsure that
> they
> > like it.
> You cannot qualify unique with very, mad mike is not unique he is just
> a head banger with a lot of time on his hands.
> No one is intimidated by him, time is much too precious to waste on
> him; there is a difference.
> Read his poetry, by any applied standard it is pure rubbish
> personified, acknowledged or otherwise.

re: i'm a genius  mikebauer  31 Jan 07 5:03AM Post Reply

so, to end my participation in this thread, and leave it over to "is god nice", it seems that no one questioned the notion of silly young poets thinking that they're geniuses because they wrote something, and that my proposition might be correct. people attacked me for saying something, but people are primitive. other's tried talking about the notion of how a poet identifies with a poem, but weren't allowed to develop the thought because the fundamentalists are uncomfortable with free thought. the cult of asshole, which wants me to be their leading asshole, is very loud and convincing, but i have to refuse their offer of leading their cult. thank you and ass-ole' and all. i learned a lot about what i am and am not, but i didn't learn if genius was real or not, and the thread was a little unsatisfying, in spite of the death threats and hugs.

re: i'm Dead  sir_I_clan  31 Jan 07 5:47AM Post Reply

Hey Chuckles ' did you watch shameless last night ?'

my parents incubated me
at the coop down the road

> I found chuckles .
> http://www.metacafe.com/watch/393912/lovely_mouse/

re: i'm Dead  chuckles  31 Jan 07 8:17AM Post Reply

> Hey Chuckles ' did you watch shameless last night ?'
> my parents incubated me
> at the coop down the road
> > I found chuckles .
> >
> > http://www.metacafe.com/watch/393912/lovely_mouse/

i don't understand the question.



re: i'm alive again .  unknown  31 Jan 07 8:32AM Post Reply

Chuckles are you not residing in the uk ?

re: i'm alive again .  chuckles  31 Jan 07 8:34AM Post Reply

no, canada.
still commonwealth, does that count for anything?

re: i'm alive again .  chuckles  31 Jan 07 8:38AM Post Reply

i guess you didn't catch that atlantic golf thing in my wedding poem

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