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re: i'm alive again .  unknown  31 Jan 07 8:41AM Post Reply

A brand new series of shameless has started on TV , last night the gangsters son's mouse/hamster (poetic licence) called chuckles died last night . lmao.

http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/tv/microsites/S/shameless/i ndex.html

re: i'm alive again .  chuckles  31 Jan 07 8:46AM Post Reply

it was only a dream sequence.
i assure you, chuckles will return.
would this shameless be comparable to the yanks'
viewer discretion advised?

re: i'm alive again .  unknown  31 Jan 07 8:52AM Post Reply

You really can't expain it but there are places in england like it .



re: i'm alive again .  chuckles  31 Jan 07 9:06AM Post Reply

yeah, well, everything i link to from this site tells me to upgrade this or that.
the way tv works over here (sat tv, anyway) is to limit our viewing to n.a.
not having a home computer, or being web savvy, as it were, i guess i'll be resigned to not enjoying shameless.

oh yeah- how didja change the header above from i'm a genius to i'm dead
to i'm alive again?

re: Just click and type it here when you reply  unknown  31 Jan 07 9:14AM Post Reply

Shame about shameless .

re: i'm a genius  unknown  3 Feb 07 9:21AM Post Reply

> i like mike's words and his passion for poetry.

Mikebauer is an asshole.

re: i'm a genius  unknown  3 Feb 07 11:05PM Post Reply

Mikebauer is King of the Assholes.

re: i'm a genius  unknown  4 Feb 07 8:28PM Post Reply

Mikebauer is good as dead.

re: i'm a genius  Henry  4 Feb 07 9:48PM Post Reply

Why is Mike Bauer hated so much?

re: i'm a genius  unknown  4 Feb 07 11:12PM Post Reply

> Why is Mike Bauer hated so much?

Because he was intelligent, trying very hard to be aware, and spoke his truth.  The loudmouthed majority of moronic humanity hates that.  Screams it down.  Berates it, abuses it and tries to crush it.

We need to be wiped out, and the world needs to start again.  I'm praying for rain and tidal waves and wind and fire.  All of you soulless, egotistical, wastes-of-space are creating a hell on Earth.  Fuck unconditional love for all our brothers and sisters - you all need a fucking big slap.

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