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re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  1 Feb 07 7:50PM Post Reply

I know who Mor is :)

Someone reinvented themselves - very cleverly, I might add.

re: It's goodbye from me.  ShelbyS  1 Feb 07 8:10PM Post Reply

its no one anyone would probably guess.


re: It's goodbye from me.  opal  1 Feb 07 9:18PM Post Reply


re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  1 Feb 07 10:39PM Post Reply

Was it any of Henry's guesses, because I was thinking it may have been one of the one's on his list too?

re: It's goodbye from me.  Henry  1 Feb 07 10:50PM Post Reply

John_daker...he has a lot of forum posts and just a few comments, much like Mor...is John_daker Mor? I hear the guy mentioned quite a bit, but I like never see him.

re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  2 Feb 07 1:14AM Post Reply

I can't imagine why you care. Go write a poem.

re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  2 Feb 07 2:03AM Post Reply

Is Mor, Rob? I've not seen him in a while. I'm still near certain Mor is Ersaph or Noodleman. They are all to much alike.

re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  2 Feb 07 3:46AM Post Reply

noodle ersaph and mor are all different people.

who was morchuis before he came to pc? hah

you lot crack my ribs


re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  2 Feb 07 3:58AM Post Reply

Morchius was Morchius.  Mor, on the other hand, colonized the essence or Morchius, and did it so very well.  Actually made 'mor' more appealing - now that's talent!

re: It's goodbye from me.  Mor  2 Feb 07 5:45AM Post Reply

I wish you all a last farewell
my friends, I really do.
Came here to write my simple words
I hope that you do too.

For what be a man of silent mode
upon a page wit knows so well.
Times umbels that true thought unload
scattered dust, of drear, a minded hell.

That paves such path of many words
what wisdoms do they cry
Peer’s so a past, and heeds the truth
of life’s own futures try.

For word it is municipal
its form means many things
The joys, the hates the musical
that o such rapture sings.

For when those words, they flow with ease
what musing does wills pleasance please
It gives but joy life’s nuptials course
and little sadness of real loves remorse.


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