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re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  25 Jan 07 8:57PM Post Reply

> > Mor don't leave us we need you to help counter balance the wave of
> > pseudo poets that have infested this site of late.
> lol. am I one of those pseudo poets?
> Mor- I don't really know you very well, but goodbye. I wish you the
> best.
> julia

one of my favs

re: It's goodbye from me.  inutile  25 Jan 07 9:15PM Post Reply

you will be missed, by me, at least, and most likely many more.

stay happy morchuis. don't let the man get you down.

re: It's goodbye from me.  Esoteric  25 Jan 07 10:56PM Post Reply

Mor! i never thought you would ever back down. This shocks me. You make this place interesting even though I disagree with the things you say (one could argue that is where the interest lies however).

re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  25 Jan 07 10:59PM Post Reply

what are all you idiots talking about?

Mor's statistics:

0 poems
1,674 forum posts

he's deadweight
he won't even really leave the site
just another attention ploy

re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  25 Jan 07 11:08PM Post Reply

i think i'll leave the site for at least a few months myself, maybe the thinknot newbees will have moved on by then.

re: It's goodbye from me.  mikebauer  25 Jan 07 11:48PM Post Reply

hamlet's father's ghost:

"ditto to the above - and if you think you are some kind of gaurdian of good poetry as your screen name implies give it up poetry is of the masses, for the masses, bythe masses.  All the great poets know/knew that - that is why they were great.
They knew all of us have a place in poetry."

> > Like another name like "unknown", in this case?
> >
> > Babble as you wish about about being "correct" and "consensus".
> As
> > it is, you don't get to decide what gets to be posed on the forum.
> > Tough shit.
> Which with Mor gone leaves plenty of room for your shit

re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  1 Feb 07 5:42PM Post Reply

hey buddy!
welcome back!
we all knew you couldn't leave us for long!

re: It's goodbye from me.  Isabelle5  1 Feb 07 5:44PM Post Reply

Oh, man, how many times have you left?  You're attached by the silver cord, my friend.  You'll be back, maybe under a new name, but you'll be back.

Isabelle M (does that M mean Mor???)  Chasse

re: It's goodbye from me.  ShelbyS  1 Feb 07 5:47PM Post Reply

I am the only one (as far as I know since Mor has not told anyone, not even me) who is aware of who Mor truly is, and who he was (on PC) before he became Mor.

so ha ha and toodles. none of you shall EVER know.



re: It's goodbye from me.  unknown  1 Feb 07 5:52PM Post Reply

shawn o'inchrory
arminius prodicus
narcissus prodicus

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