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re: The Bible and Homosexuality  unknown  15 Jan 07 2:03PM Post Reply

just when the human race has become constructively self conscious, there goes isabelle to remind us of how far we have to go.

re: The Bible and Homosexuality  Isabelle5  15 Jan 07 2:07PM Post Reply

Shall I take critique from one too cowardly or lazy to sign in?

I think not.  I love how a constructively self-conscious person calls me names.  Very enlightened, shall we try to be just like you?

re: The Bible and Homosexuality  unknown  15 Jan 07 2:12PM Post Reply

what name did i call you?

focus isabelle focus

re: The Bible and Homosexuality  Isabelle5  15 Jan 07 2:21PM Post Reply

Never mind, we're off the topic.  

re: The Bible and Homosexuality  unknown  15 Jan 07 2:31PM Post Reply

isabelle's polite way of expressing mea culpa

re: The Bible and Homosexuality  netskyIam  15 Jan 07 2:35PM Post Reply

> Why do you think we need to believe in something bigger?  

I sure don't.  Neither do many people who were not brainwashed to lookie-feel for "meanings" throughout life.

>Could it be
> that we are born with a need for something beyond what we see and
> feel?  

No.  It's an acquired curiosity.  No, it's a weakness of personality, of personality afraid of its own impending annihilation (imo).   That's one aspect of the hunger for sky daddy turkey stuffing.  I find life plenty fulfilling without requiring to make my mortal self feel particularly important.

>Not all needs are met through the flesh and the brain, some
> things call to us from someplace else and if you say you don't feel
> that call at all, I find it hard to imagine a life so fulfilled
> through the senses that that would satisfy.

You've just met one here (grins).

> I'm not saying you are a liar but it's hard to imagine anyone
> without a quest for filling that emptiness that nothing on Earth ever
> seems to completely fill.

Right. Neither of us is a liar.  I am surprised, though, that that lable could even cross your mind.   I am not a liar.  I am not interested in killing off "god";
if there were any "god", I'd certainly bow and scrape for Him who brings life and then KILLS everything and everyone, often in the most gruesome manners.

This "god" you Christian and Muslim and Hebrew types would serve, is really quite
a nasty fellow (if it were a fellow or a force at all).

It's just "so much nonsense about all that" asserted Elizabeth Grothe, age 99, to myself some ten years ago.   And while her assertion cannot be proved, neither can any of yours.   We (Elizabeth when living, and myself now) would be so pleased to know we've helped free a few people from nagging doubts; people who would otherwise waste time and money and life-pleasure and joy of doing well by others,
expending life force supporting an empty set of fables, supporting parasitic growths of spiritual strictures on the people at large.

God thoughts are destructive and devisive piffle.

My other elder friend, Bernice C, was fond of saying in her eighties,
"When you're dead, you're dead".

Both these women came from devout backgrounds, and both, remarkably shed those goddy shackles.  And both were optimistic, cheerful, vivacious personalities
who had no fear of death; who lived their long lives fully alive to all

and wasted none of their adulthoods moping over "god's ways".

Young readers: do not live your lives with self delusions.
Life is so rich with meaning and with wonders and with opportunities to bring freedom to others.

re: The Bible and Homosexuality  Isabelle5  15 Jan 07 2:49PM Post Reply

You are interesting in "killing off" the idea of God.  You say right here that God thoughts are destructive and devisive piddle.  That's an opinion, not a fact.

It's people who divide, not truth.  Truth never divides, only our impression or interpretation of what we believe that truth to be.

I merely share things I have learned by steady and persistent reading, listening and watching.  If I don't believe a thing, I don't share it as fact.  

God is fact to some of us.  That belief should not be at all divisive, except by people who don't want us to believe it.

I don't care what anyone else believes, as long as they can back it up with fact and they don't claim my experiences to be not worthy of being heard.  We are all alone in our space suits and we can only really know our own lives.

I respect all the opinions of the poets here.  I expect the same respect in return.

re: The Bible and Homosexuality  unknown  15 Jan 07 3:13PM Post Reply

at this moment, George Bush has summoned 20 million christian troops to prove by numbers that god exists.

a jesus surge is now in progress


re: The Bible and Homosexuality  unknown  15 Jan 07 3:15PM Post Reply


this will continue until there is a power outtage.


re: The Bible and Homosexuality  nightengale  15 Jan 07 4:36PM Post Reply

> Nightengale, I am a Christian, too, so don't take this wrong but to
> say that God can protect His word is like saying He can take care of
> His garden.
> Of course He can but He put this into man's hands, free will, our
> brains that can misinterpret even a glance from a stranger!  How much
> more can we misinterprest His own words!  
> I believe God wants us to THINK about what He's saying, to put it
> into context, not just blindly go by what the pastors tell us.  I
> watch Sunday TV sometimes and I am sick to death of preachers telling
> people why have to fast, they have to pay "seed faith money" so God
> will bless them and all the other stupid, stupid things they believe
> God has put forth.
> Fasting should be done only when you are so bothered by something that
> you lose your appetite and can't do a thing but pray, not for any
> other reason.  If the church is selling a tape, SELL IT, don't say
> it's yours for a Love Gift.
> I believe the things of the Bible happened, unless it says they were
> examples only.  But I do not trust any man living on the Earth today
> to have translated God's mind exactly.  We are not judged on
> exactitude, we are asked to think, make decisions based on morality
> and common sense, not blindly.
> The old and new testaments were for different people.  The old is Law,
> showing us all the things we needed to do under our own power, which
> could of course not be done perfectly.  The New testament is like the
> reading of God's will, Jesus is already come and gone, we are now
> under grace, as the law has been fulfilled.
> I think your key comment is the clincher - ask Him about it and don't
> give up.
> Isabelle

I don't see why God isn't powerful enough to protect his own word.

If the only church you go to is the one in front of your TV, I understand why you feel the way you do. I never watch "Pastors" on TV because they are so...fake. You pointed out a lot of their cons, but the biggest con of them all is that you can't build a relationship, one of trust, with TV Ministers.

God has called us to Tithe (I suggest reading Malachi on tithing...ch 3?) though I agree with you about the way TV pastors go about it. We are also called to fast in times of need, not only for ourselves but for others, when we feel led to.

The old testament people had to sacrifice animals whenever they sinned. They were condemned to death, forever seperated from God because he is holy. In the New Testament we see hope for mankind through Jesus- through him we don't have to be seperated from God and THANK THE LORD we don't have to sacrifice animals when we sin!!! lol- I don't do good with blood.

My "clincher" is from scripture.

Luke 11:9

"And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will recieve what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, recieves. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened."

The surrounding context of that verse supports my statement (ask Him about it and don't give up) considering it was talking about persistance in prayer.

If you want to know my opinion on all of this, I'd say go to a real church and not TV church. Being part of the body of christ is important. Of course, that was my personal opinion and a suggestion.

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