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evil wit

that peson.
the one who is always watching.
so very dignified.
but his laugh...
its -
different, in a weird way.
when someone trips,
his laugh echos it.
when someone is fooled,
his chuckle is there.
he's clever, very clever.
always alone,
often silent.
but that laugh -
bad luck brings it,
anyone, anywhere, anytime.
such a trivial thing.
but it makes me smile now.
im always watching for someone to trip,
then i always laugh -
it always brightens my day.
someone makes a mistake...
its funny.
so many people makeing me laugh,
but he dosent.
he makes me smile, not at him,
about him.
its intoxicating,
ive been pulled into his world,
now im in the corner,
my chuckle echos others misfortune.
mine and his.
its evil,
hes evil - spreading like a poison.
but it makes me smile.
i guess its just an evil wit.


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