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If we

You’re sitting at the top of my cold concrete steps
They’re painted beige but the paints starting to chip
I hand you some brown pills for that pain inside Your head
The water is in your car that you left running by the Garage
“That looks like blood.” you say
Pointing at the window next door
“It’s possible.”
Seems anything is
So I shrug
I told you to drive me home
When we found your lover lying
Naked in your bed
She’s got a headache like you
Too much of anything will get you good
I’m not one for love
But I hold you with one arm
Then you cry a little
In that way where it starts like a cough
Funny, tonight it’s you and me
Without them
I’m thinking this while you smile at me
We're supposed to be just friends
You're talking to me with your eyes
I'm learning
This is what women do
You tell me I'm different when I drink
This much is true


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