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Edwin Booth Wrote to His Dead

Although you are
not here to read
I write to think
to tell afresh
when we rejoin some day.
I have achieved
a partial
ascent toward heaven
from the Battery below Wall Street in
Thaddeus Lowe's silk rope enmeshed balloon.
For ten dollars of gold a flight aloft
a full one thousand feet
albeit tethered to the Earth.
A capstan
reeling let us rise. Horseflesh
winched us down again.
But, Father, oh, Father! What a height!
As like half-way there to you it seemed
if I imagine rightly.
Myself and Mr. Lowe—such grins. The sounds
of life below—clarion and well
heard: "Say halloo to God for us"
some waggish man—his hollow
thought   aroused my soul to plea
to beg of Charity for Brother
for your son.  I near resounded
"Willst thou forgive?"
Alas, I checked myself—I choked.
For dear Father I knew not
which way to shout
May 22, 1866.


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