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Thinking of us in the tree lights

I am tired without you,
staring into January
tree lights, red and blue
tint my window;
memories flicker in the glass.
We'd spoon the nights  
in wild turkey winters,
wrap ourselves in the sultry dark of summer
sharing the breath between us.
I dream of our days
after white gold promises,
sun and mornings, you
warm and glowing beneath me,
the whispered off-to-work
I love you's
and lazy egg suppers when Molly visits.
I dream of when you kiss away
my anytime tears
and joke of gigantic
canned, holiday hams.
Our tree lights will glow
until Super Bowl Sunday,
reflecting the smiles
of a reinvented home;
a mom, a dad
and our five.
I am tired,
dazzled by the pretty window;
sleepless without you.


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