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If I could call you a colour

If you saw my little indigo jeans
or my newly formed tan breasts that
jiggle just enough,
or notice that a couple of my chins have packed their bags-
or how well I hide my missing teeth
even while smiling as wide as your ass;
which is what I do most these days…
If you heard that I wear my River Nile stretch marks
with pride
in a dozen orange bikinis-
or saw my husband-to-be with movie star good looks,
tough but charmed in so many ways;
hockey player, golfer, witty loving father,
If you remember,
my kids used to be imps
but you’d see their tails have disappeared
in your absence
and in fact,
they really are just kids.
If you hear my laughter carried
through the skies and look up
you’d see clouds shaped like ponies and kisses
and Christmas-
and possibly my middle finger-
If you saw me in my new life,
with my perfect picket-fence family
and if I could call you a colour,
I’d call you chartreuse,
because damn you’d envy me
but be too much of a coward to find it for yourself.


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