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Psychic Bread

Psychic Bread  By Tim Young
The supermarket was the scene
for my remarkable find.
I knew you'd buy me said the loaf
I hope you do not mind
knowing this stuff
I use my head its verysharpe and quick
I'm a different kind of loaf (he said )
some may even call me psychic.
He went on to tell me
my most favorite topping
and all the Deli's I go to
when I go out grocery shopping.
and the stores I go to
the  people I've met and fed
I was rather impressed now
by this loaf this psychic bread.
But his life was short lived
but it burnt so bright,
he knew I'd use salami, ham and cheese
everything he said was right.
I smacked my lips
as I ate his bread flesh
all I could think was
now nice, white and fresh.
With my last bite
I swallowed, licked fingers and thumbs
he's gone now forever
And all  I could say was "oh crumbs"


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