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Don’t squeeze me into your mold (a villanelle)

I’m not yet old
although I’m turning grey,
I act quite young, I’m told.
I do not a chore,
but I love to play…
doing work is such a bore.
I’m not yet old,
but I’ve learned to adore
friendship more than the rarest gold.
I still buy from the ice cream man.
My laundry, I never fold.
I’m Gerry Garcia's # 1 fan.
My soul, I’m proud, I have not sold.
Everything I own fits in my van—
yet, with the times, I’ve rolled.
I suppose that I could be cajoled,
but chances are slim on that.
I’m not yet old.
I act quite young, I’m told.
>>>Alternate title:  “burned-out hippie”


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