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Not so, damn us.

Lost in the circular logic of
                                       crying shame
Hot shivers,
                  doubt that this will never be the same.
                     The way your hair falls
                           after a gust of wind.
Or the crazy wildness, sinking depth,
                 the cherry red apples of heaven.
                             Hey, I heard you whispering
          (nymphs have fattened ears).
Now, I never underestimated,
I could have, all these years.
For the lack of better judgement,
or the blame of aching feet,
                                          Love is worth
                        the consequence
                                          Your gaze is worth
                        the meet.
I should have turned a page
    or two
                                    but I left it up to the wind
                                    the crazy sinking wildness
the gust of the illogic grin.


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