Jupiter Fog

It hurts
It STILL hurts
The pain you caused
Jabbing through dense layers of Jupiter fog
After all these months of
'Get over it already, just move on'

Barcelona, Antibes, Charleston, L.A., Palm Springs
Hundreds of anonymous caresses
Friendly conversations filling the air
The care of caring friends
And the pain is still there

A wound deeper than I imagined
But deep as I feared
Turning away, it still wouldn't go away
Someone told me it would

Why does this particular arrow hurt so
And what gave you the right to fire it my way
Knocking my emotions, my life, astray
What gave you that power
And what will take it away

'You'll grow stronger,' they say
But I don't think so
You grow weaker
With your insides exposed like that
Baring all to those luckier in love

Damn you and your power
Even as I love all that you gave me
Damn you for giving -- and taking -- so much



Slim Jim stands so tall
Slim Jim gonna take a bad fall

Slim Jim's pants are so straight
Never change color on any given day

Slim Jim gonna rule the world
Til the day bodies are hurled

Slim Jim can't save them now
But only stand and wonder how

Slim Jim's gonna save the day
With two airplanes gone astray

Slim Jim didn't see 'em coming
Slim Jim couldn't escape 'em running

Slim Jim stood so tall
Til the bodies began to fall

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