I'll meet you in Toronto
Where all is as it should be
Then party with you in Montreal
And revel in our drunken liberty

We'll smell the pungent pine trees of Vancouver
And snowboard high above the city lights
Then take the ferry to grand Victoria
That sylvan island of British delights

In old Quebec City
History will be our guide
On the Plains of Abraham
We'll meet our own demise

But not before remembering Alberta
Whose cowboys and stampedes we never saw
Nor neglecting to recall the rest of vast Canada
And all about it that filled us with such awe


Cada Uno Desea Amor / Everyone Wants Love

Cada uno desea amor
Pero nadie desea amistad

¿Cuándo hay amor en el mundo
Pero ninguna amistad
Qué está sucediendo al mundo?

El amor sin amistad explotación

Pero la amistad sin amor un principio


Everyone wants love
But nobody wants friendship

When there is love in the world
But no friendship
What is happening to the world?

Love without friendship exploitation

But friendship without love a beginning

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