Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Don't ask, don't tell
Is what they say
To silence, to quell
The burning passion of love untrusted
And the timeless urge to not get busted

Don't ask, don't tell
Is how the bible holds sway
Over the mind of man
From ancient Rome to today

Don't ask, don't tell
Rings deaf in these ears
It comes from cowards' tongues
And exposes their fears

Because if they ask
Then they'll know for sure
That Marines are fucking Marines
And there is no cure

And if they tell
Then their own desires would come to light
How they wish they could watch
Rather than fight


Poem Will Come

I can't yet write
A poem for you
Locked in your grip
The lucky, the few

Can't break free
Or even step back a ways
Can't see a thing
Through this luscious haze

Slumber and laugh
Soak it up, splash around
Taste the sweet success
Of this pleasure I've found

It will seep deep in me
Through and through
Before I can write a poem
Worthy of you

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